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 Congratulations to Jake Stateman, 179's newest addition to the Eagle's Nest!


Stay tuned for 2022 Troop Meeting updates.

Due to Covid19, Troop Events are limited in terms of number of Scouts & Scouters participating.  Rules will be inline with State, County and SCC BSA guidelines as well as safety parameters of our Chartered Organization.

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The 2022 Annual Spaghetti Dinner has been postponed due to Covid-19 uptick.  the dinner will be rescheduled - stay tuned!

Cell Phone Policy:

Phones are to remain stowed during the course of the meeting unless scouts get specific permission to use them.  If there is a pressing reason and you want to know if you can use your phone ask a leader.  All scouts reviewed and signed consent on these policies so there should be no surprises.  The vast majority of our Scouts have been very helpful in complying with the policies they themselves helped craft but there have been a few “instances” with warnings in the past couple of weeks.  Parents –we’d appreciate it if you would remind your scouts so we can head any issues off at the pass.  Thanks!

Scouts interested in becoming a NESA member or finding out more about NESA please see Jim Weydig for more information.

NESA application can be found in the troop mailbox.

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